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"Without risk, there can be no growth’"




The term ‘gestalt' comes from the German word, meaning whole, pattern or complete. This kind of therapy can help people who want to explore and clarify specific personal problems, or look at development and growth. It can help when you're experiencing a life crisis, or suffering chronic emotional conditions, or just need a safe confidential space to tell your story.


Gestalt therapy is very holistic and humanistic, linking mind, body and emotion. It is both practical and creative: it looks at both figure and ground: i.e. how your personal history – your ground - can impact onto what’s happening for you in the field i.e. recently, or right now, and what the figure is: i.e. the most pressing issue – and these can change regularly. We’re interested in what you can tell us even without words, e.g. body language (phenomenology). It’s important to track our clients in the therapy room, to help build our own and our client’s awareness of what might be happening for them, even if it’s hard to articulate it.

The therapeutic relationship and the dialogue between us is key. It isn’t about advice or lectures: it’s about how I can be useful in helping you move away from what might not serve you well anymore, and onto a new path.

I very much look forward to hearing from you.



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